positive car dome interior light timer prevent battery drain delay off 0-480sec

The switch protect car battery, when any door is left open more than 480 sec
Manufacturer: Deselectra
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The switch protect car battery, when any door is left open more than 480 sec

In new cars when the door is open, interior (dome) light switched off after 7-8 min,to prevent battery drain, but this is feature is not  in old cars. This module is designed to do this function. 

When Door is open - the light will switch on. When the door is forget open from more than 8 min - the light will be turn off automatically. If door is closed before 8 min - the interior light will turn off.

Can be used with Led and incandescent lights up to 10A

Only for cars, with positive door switching signal !! See the wiring diagram.

 Dimensions (with box):

- length -  40 mm

- width - 28 mm

- height - 21 mm

LED indication for operation 

Power supply - 12V DC

Time is adjusted by a trimmer - rotate clockwise - increase time.

In the dome light shell, you should find three connectors. One goes to the ground. The other one goes to the battery directly. The third one is connected to the door switches. These switches are connected in parallel directly to the positive. Cut the wire that go to door switches.  Follow the schematic and connect:

  • Red wire - to door switches – connect it to cutting wire that come to the dome light
  • white - to door switch terminal of the dome light.
  • black –  to negative

For safety, red wire can be connected via 3A fuse

 Package contents:

  1. Time Relay
  2. Instruction for use and wiring diagram.